Midwest Skies & Sleepless Mondays.

In time for coffee and (more) reading.

Second year, second term, second week.

I’m scaring myself. i’m too lazy to study. Too lazy to get things done. I feel like my is such a mess. I’m too lonely to function. Too depressed to get my shit together. I just want to have some time to rest. Watch my series, read my books, listen to music. Travel, and take time to think nothing but my future. 

I am so tired, all I can think of are fragments. 


If my teacher looked like him,
I will attend the school everyday.

and will never graduate

[140527] 50th Baeksang art awards

For almost 2 hours, I was watching 50th Baeksang art awards to see them live, but I guess this was really worth it.

(Source: aegyoworld)